Ghost Workflow for Editorial

I was recently turned on to an iPad app called Editorial by the guys over at MacStories, and it's great. Not only is it a fantastic text and Markdown editor, but it's also an incredibly extensible tool. It's rapidly becoming my preferred editor for writing up posts, partially because of the ability to use Workflows.

Basically, Workflows allow you to automate actions in Editorial, and amount of automation you can do is insane. The basic actions are pretty powerful in their own right, but between the incredibly awesome Editorial Workflow community and the built in Python scripting, Editorial is over the top in the best way.

Now, I switched over to Ghost about a month ago as a blogging platform, and I couldn't be happier. In fact, I just switched off my trial and set up as a Pro user. Ghost is still in its development phase, currently on version 0.4.2, with a bunch more feature to come, such as APIs and things. As a result, there really aren't any Editorial Workflows for Ghost. So I whipped a quick one together for my use and thought I'd share. Now, it's not logging in and creating the new post, unfortunately, but I'm going to keep working on and refining this workflow to figure out if that's possible. The link and a screenshot are below, I've shared the Workflow as private for now, once I refine it more, I'll make it public.