My iPad Setup

I've been using my iPad3 as my go-to device lately, with my Logitech Thin Keyboard. It's a 16gb iPad3, and I wouldn't mind more space, but I'm holding out for when Apple puts Touch ID on the iPad before I upgrade. And since I've been carrying it around, I've gotten some questions about app recommendations. I've been reading The Sweet Setup lately, so I figured I'd do the post in that style.


My Go To Apps

  • EDITORIAL - Seriously, this is probably my favorite app ever. Fast, beautifully designed, and incredibly powerful. It's definitely my favorite blogging app, and I've been using it as my go to note taking app as well. Worth absolutely every penny and more.

  • TweetBot - My go to Twitter app. I use Tweetbot on both my iPad and my iPhone for all of my Twitter needs. I've held off on the upgrade on my phone until the new version is available for iPad, but this version still works great. Infinitely better than the official Twitter app, that's for sure.

  • Downcast - Every once and a while, I like to have the ability to listen to a podcast on my iPad. Especially if it's the TWiT folks, who publish their netcasts as videos as well. Downcast is much better than the Apple app, and the notifications on when they're downloading new episodes and stuff is really quite nice.

  • Reeder 2 - Something I've started doing lately is following RSS feeds, thanks to Guillaume and his recommendations. Reeder came highly recommended by all of the sites that I found, and for good reason. Nicely designed, easy to use, and pretty to look at.

  • Alien Blue - Best Reddit client that I've found. Night mode, optimization, and all sorts of good stuff. If you're into Reddit, this is pretty much even better than the web interface.

  • Jasmine - YouTube client by the same developer as Alien Blue. It's less awesome, but it's still better than the native YouTube client for most things. Doesn't play nice with streaming, though. So that's kind of a bummer. If someone knows something better, please let me know.

  • Wikipanion - My Wikipedia app of choice. Speedy and nice to look at, makes an iPad the closest thing we have to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

  • Trillian - When I say I use this for my Google chat, most people are surprised that it even exists anymore. Well, it does, and it's not bad for chat. I don't use this all the time, but it's nice to have when I need it.

  • Retro - My Instagram client for the iPad. Instagram hasn't seen fit to create an official client for the iPad, so Retro is what I use. It's pretty nice, the pane stuff is a little weird to adjust to, but I really like it so far. I will say that the iPhone is definitely the better experience, but if I've just gotta get on Instagram for some reason, Retro works.

So, those are my key apps. I also spend a lot of time in WatchESPN for the World Cup and Twitch for watching League of Legends, but I don't know that I'd call them my "gotta haves." I also spend a lot of time in both Kindle and iBooks, but I don't know that I need to write about those either.

If you have any questions, hit me up on Twitter, I love to talk about this stuff.