My Podcasting Setup

My Podcasting Setup

Recently, I've taken over as host of the Southern Fried Security Podcast, and last night I posted a picture of my setup on Twitter. I had a request to write up what all I'm using, so here's a quick rundown.




13" MacBook Air, ~2012 model


Blue Yeti


Sony MDR-7506 over-ear headphones

iPad for links and show notes

iPad Air 2

Notebook for short notes and edit marks

Baron Fig Confidant, Maker Edition


This is slightly in flux, but I think I have everything to where I like it now. When I took over recording full time, I switched to using the Mac and using Audio Hijack. I'm using their VoIP Recording preset, the only change being that I save the raw files in .wav in 24 Bit, Stereo.

Once the recording is done, I pull the files in to Audacity and do noise correction and add the intro and outro sound bites. I take that file and run it through Levelator which does some sort of magic to the recording. I take that back in to Audacity for conversion to MP3, and then post everything up.

I tend to gather stories throughout the week from my iPad, and I've written a Workflow that pulls any link of my choosing and appends it to an Evernote note. I also tend to keep the stories in tabs in Safari on the iPad when recording, mostly because that means no mouse clicks when I switch between stories.

And that's a basic rundown of all of the hardware and software that I'm using for the podcast. I'd like to add a boom stand for the Yeti, and I'm sure that my editing process can get even more refined, but what I use now works pretty well for now.