Phil Schiller and the Camera You Have With You

I just got back from a fantastic vacation to Key West[1], and I was sure to snap lots of pictures, all with my iPhone. While I was out of town, though, I saw a lot of discussion about the Talk Show interview with Phil Schiller. So, through some Workflow magic, I downloaded the video interview to my iPad when it went up for my flight home.

There is a ton of great content in the interview, but one of the things that really stuck out to me was John and Phil's discussion of cameras, particularly the iPhone camera. While I was in Key West, I watched some other people taking pictures with other phones, and none of them looked as smooth or as quick as the iPhone. There's a certain level of care that goes in to the iPhone camera, and I think it's summed up nicely by this quote by Phil:

The camera capabilities of iPhone [are], for me, one of the most personally valuable and important parts of it—has been for quite a long time...we've been putting a lot of effort for many years now into building an incredible world-class camera team.

Like Josh Ginter started his recent review for Tools and Toys with, it's all about having a camera with you. Seeing senior management acknowledging the importance of the iPhone is really cool from a hobbyist photographer perspective, and I look forward to seeing what Apple continues to highlight in regards to photography.

  1. I hope to have a trip in pictures post up by the end of the week. ↩︎