Points of Interest: 1/12 - 1/18

Null Refill: A synthetic paper for ink lovers - The Fude Fan

I’m incredibly jealous of anyone who gets easy access to Japan’s vibrant stationery market. Even with the strides that have been made in bringing stuff from there to America, there’s still some awesome new stuff coming out there that we might never see. Jacob took a  look at one of those products.

A New Edition of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 That's Only Readable When You Apply Heat to it's Pages -  Open Culture

Well this is a fun little art piece. It’s neat to see the sort of things that Fahrenheit 451 has inspired. As a side note, if you haven’t watched the HBO movie, it’s worth a watch.

Bic Cristal Ballpoint Pen - Gourmet Pens

A review of the pen that got me through college. I burned through bags of these, used them and threw them out, and wrote pages and pages of notes and essays with them. I haven’t used one in a long while, but I still have a very soft spot for the Bic Cristal.

Philadelphia Pen Show 2019 Review: A Vendor's View - The Well Appointed Desk

As I spend more time behind the table at pen shows, I have really started to love reading other vendors’ opinions of pen shows. I’m bummed I missed Philly, it looks to be a really well run show in a great hotel.

Thinking Different: Keys to Adopting an iPad-First Workflow - MacStories

...moving to the iPad isn't cost free, it requires a healthy dose of time, and the patient commitment to power through pain points.

For the record, I still run almost everything on this blog through the iPad. Despite Ghost saying they don’t support mobile editing, it works (sort of) ok. But Ryan’s point in this article is spot on.

Hideaki Hamada's View of Somewhere in Tokyo - Spoon and Tamago

I really, really want to go to Tokyo.

Hey, three weeks in a row with these! I threw that MacStories article in because rewriting my notes on my iPad is INFURIATING on Ghost, but it could be worse.