Points of Interest: Fire on Fire Edition

It's happened: Brad Dowdy from the Pen Addict has finally released his first ink collaboration with Robert Oster, and it's called Fire on Fire. As expected, people went nuts for it, myself included. Brad is a great guy, and definitely an "influencer" in the stationery market, so when he puts something like this out, people sit up and notice. It's a great color, so I've collected a few reviews from some of the best ink reviewers in the business. Plus a few other links, so here we go!

Ink Review #570: Robert Oster Pen Addict Fire on Fire - Mountain of Ink

Ink Review: Robert Oster Pen Addict Fire on Fire - Well Appointed Desk

Sheriff's use of courtroom camera to view juror's notebook, lawyer's notes - Seattle Times

Not everything about taking paper notes is fantastic. This is (part of) why I keep separation of my work notes and my personal notes.

What's in your bag, Marlon James? - The Verge

I love the way that Marlon James describes stopping everything to scribble something down. My pocket notebook habit has gotten so mechanical these days that sometimes I’m halfway through pulling the notebook out before I realize what I’m doing.

That's it for the week, should have a new series starting next week that I'm pretty excited for!