Points of Interest: Work Trip Edition

Nothing like a work trip to totally throw off any plans you have. I like work travel, I really do, but the unpredicatability of what your day to day is going to look like makes it really hard to find time for things like writing and reading. Most of the time I'm so fried by the time I get back to the hotel that I just want to watch some YouTube and go to bed. Luckily, Lisa Vanness and Ana have been putting up some videos of their trip to the LA Pen Show, and it's been hilarious!

Vanness Pens YouTube Channel - Vanness Pens

This is where Ana and Lisa have been putting up their videos, and they've been great!

Q&A With Richard Koehler, Art Director at Retro 51 - The Clicky Post

What a neat look behind the scenes at Retro 51. There’s always something cool coming out there, nice to see some of the faces who make it happen.

"Just Internet Friends" - From the Pen Cup

>"We're just internet friends, but I love you."

Neil Gaiman Reads His Manifesto on Making Art - Open Culture

I’ve never read a Neil Gaiman book. Perhaps it’s time to rectify that, because his manifesto (a criminally underused word) is fantastic.

That's it for this week. I'm looking forward to being home and back to the routine of things!