The Paper Series: Introduction

While it's no secret that I'm a big fan of fountain pens and ink, there's something that I geek out over more than those: paper. It's easy to overlook paper when you're getting into the fountain pen hobby, as there are some really good standbys that people recommend. Leuchtturm, Rhodia, and Clairefontaine are all easy to pretty easy to find in the US, and they all work pretty well with fountain pens. The "king" of fountain pen paper is always Tomoe River in its various forms as well, be it the Nanami Seven Seas products, or the Hobonichi Techo. But there are so many other delightful, quirky, and wonderful stationery products out there just waiting to be found and used.

I've been lucky enough to have some friends and family that know of my love of stationery, and as they've been either visiting or living in Japan, they've picked up some truly fun and weird products for me, and I've wanted to find a good way to share those products and my thoughts on them with other people. Combine that with the other products that I've picked up here and there, and I've got enough products to review for quite some time. So I though that I'd empty my desk drawers and do some writing in an electronic form for a change.

As an appetizer, here's a look at the pile of paper that I'll be working through.
pile of paper