Weekly Roundup: 12/31 - 1/4

I love going through what others found interesting in their browsing around the web. Even if I follow the majority of the same sites as someone else, their commentary or choice of links always provides something to read. So, I thought it was time to get one of these roundups of my own going.

A Peak into LAMY’s 2019 Special Editions - Frank Underwater
Frank has compiled the rumors, hearsay, and leaks into a single post for Lamy in 2019. I don’t often pick up the limited edition pens for the year, but I’m always interested in what Lamy is bringing out as ink. And they don’t have a brown they can repackage this time, so maybe that Bronze will be interesting!

New Year’s Resolutions: Tina, Resolutions: Ana - The Well Appointed Desk
Ana and the other writers at the Well Appointed Desk are detailing some of their New Year’s Resolutions, and they’re hitting really close to home...

My 2019 Analogue System - Wonder Pens - Life Behind a Stationery Shop - Wonder Pens Blog
I (probably) won’t link everything that Liz at Wonder Pens writes, but I love her style of showing how running a stationery store and having two little kids meshes together. And her 2019 Analogue System is no joke.

State of the Union 2018: Fountain Pen Ink - Macchiato Man
Yagan did his “State of the Union” again this year and took a good look across the entire ink industry. His evaluations are on point, fair, and some great food for thought about inks. Yagan is also working on a big roundup of the entire Sailor Studio line at the moment, and I can’t wait to see that come out.

2018, Penwrapped. - My Life As a Verb.

“ It’s a good thing I have yet to be sick of cylindrical objects.”

Leigh has such a way with words, and her 2018 roundup starts off with a poignant look at the way we interact with social media and pens. Great reading.

Diamine Ink Chart - Mountain of Ink
This is very relevant to my interests at the moment. A local friend and I have been looking at placing a Diamine order from overseas, and having all these inks laid out side by side helps greatly in the decision process.