Points of Interest: InCoWriMo Edition

It's InCoWriMo time again! I've written in the past  about my experiences doing InCoWriMo, so I won't be writing about it this year. I won't be going for the every day challenge this year, but I'm going to do some letter writing here and there. Anyway, on to the links!

Inksnibs | La passion des encres et stylos-plume - Inksnibs

I just saw that the writer here revamped their site, and it’s great. When I talk about wanting to improve my photography abilities, this is the kind of quality I aspire to. Being able to read French isn't a requirement when the work speaks for itself.

Using Paper Like Da Vinci - Adversaria

I just had a Musubi notebook arrive, and it’s so beautiful that I don’t ever want to mess it up. But that’s not the purpose of paper, and this article from Adversaria does a good job of talking about how to feel good about messing up a notebook.

The Philly Pen Show 2019: Reflections on Maximizing Your Pen Show Experience - Inkpothesis

Pen shows aren't pen shows without the people.

What an incredibly reflection on the Philly Pen Show. We're only a few weeks away from Baltimore and I. Can't. Wait.

Sailor Ink Studio Studio Overview (100 inks) - Macchiato Man

I think I alluded to what Yagan was working on over at his site a few weeks ago, and here's the results of his incredibly hard work. All of the Sailor Ink Studio line, all on one page. Absolutely stunning.

The Baltimore Pen Show - The Baltimore Pen Show

By the way, advance tickets are available for the Baltimore Pen Show, and the class schedule is open for advance signups as well!